Tandemclub Ifinger

Experience the age-old dream of mankind, the dream of flying in its simplest ways. Sliding along the blue sky is a marvelous experience. We provide unique and unforgettable impressions…

Tandemclub Ifinger Südtirol
Tandemclub Ifinger Südtirol

Our Pilots

Expiration of a tandem flight

Tandemclub Ifinger – the dream of flying!

What can we do for you?
A quiet pleasure flight or action-packed flight maneuvers!
We offer the right flight experience for everyone, just as you wish.

But carefully you can get addicted to it 😉 🙂

Der Traum vom Fliegen
The dream of flying…
Einfach, viel einfacher als man denkt!
Simple, easy… easier than you think…
Verwirklichung mit erfahrenen Piloten...
Implementation with experienced pilots…
Das Erlebnis ! Wahnsinn, unbeschreiblich!
Enthusiasm perfect freedom…!
Das Erlebnis ! Wahnsinn, unbeschreiblich!
The experience ! Exciting, indescribable…