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Flight Routes

Vinschgau Valley – Texelgruppe Nature Park

Paragliding is a natural sport, where we use the winds without an engine and thus fly in harmony with nature, therefore the flight time may vary – it depends on the time of day, thermals, wind, weight (from the guest), safety and actions.

ROUTE 1 – Giggelberg Mountain Flight
€ 120,00 (excluding cable car ticket)

  • Flying time: approx. 20-30 mins
  • Take-off: (1,565 m), above Gasthof Giggelberg Inn (15 mins on foot)
  • Landing: (300 m), below Partschins/Parcines (642 m)
  • Total duration: 90 mins
  • Meeting point: lower Texel cableway station

ROUTE 2 – Giggelberg Mountain – Thermal Flight
€ 160,00 (excluding cable car ticket)

Since good weather and optimal wind conditions are required for thermal flights, they cannot always be guaranteed. Please call us for more information. In optimal thermal conditions, we also fly over the Spronserseen mountain lakes.

  • Flying time: approx. 45 mins
  • Take-off: (1,565 m) above Gasthof Giggelberg Inn, (15 mins on foot)
  • Landing: (300 m) below Partschins/Parcines (642 m)
  • Total duration: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: lower Texelbahn cableway station

In case of any questions or about your dates, please contact us.