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Flight Routes

Vinschgau Valley – Texelgruppe Nature Park

Paragliding is a natural sport, where we use the winds without an engine and thus fly in harmony with nature, therefore the flight time may vary – it depends on the time of day, thermals, wind, weight (from the guest), safety and actions.

ROUTE 1 – Giggelberg Mountain Flight
€ 120,00 (excluding cable car ticket)

  • Flying time: approx. 20-30 mins
  • Take-off: (1,565 m), above Gasthof Giggelberg Inn (15 mins on foot)
  • Landing: (300 m), below Partschins/Parcines (642 m)
  • Total duration: 90 mins
  • Meeting point: lower Texel cableway station

ROUTE 2 – Giggelberg Mountain – Thermal Flight
€ 160,00 (excluding cable car ticket)

Since good weather and optimal wind conditions are required for thermal flights, they cannot always be guaranteed. Please call us for more information.

  • Flying time: approx. 45 mins
  • Take-off: (1,565 m) above Gasthof Giggelberg Inn, (15 mins on foot)
  • Landing: (300 m) below Partschins/Parcines (642 m)
  • Total duration: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: lower Texelbahn cableway station

In case of any questions or about your dates, please contact us.