Flight 3x30

2flights 1aperitif

Flight 3×30
2flights 1aperitif

incl. film/photo/SD and cable car ticket

+++ Our latest adventure flight +++
Tandem flight with stopover

  • We take off at 2,150 m and fly about 30 minutes
  • Landing at the Assenhütte at 2.000 m at Christoph’s Assenhütte
  • Aperitif & small typical bacon-cheese snack at the Assenhütte (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Then we start again and glide down into the valley (approx. 30 minutes)

This flight is ideal for couples, newlyweds or people in love, as a wedding proposal, as a (birthday) surprise for someone or for anyone who wants to try something new.

Also available as a gift voucher!

Note: If landing at the Assenhütte is not possible due to too strong thermals, we will fly into the valley without a stopover. Safety is our first priority!

  • In this case we land on our landing field at the Apfelhotel in Saltaus/Passeier and enjoy an aperitif & bacon-cheese snack at the Torgglerhof.

Please indicate weight when making an appointment.

Assenhütte at 2,000 m

In case of any questions or about your dates, please contact us.