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Questions & Answers

All about tandem flying

In what weather do you fly?

We fly all year round except in dense fog (except at the landing site), precipitation or strong winds. The weather is carefully checked by the pilot before every take-off; safety is paramount. For this reason, there may sometimes be delays or rescheduling of appointments, making the flight a little more time-consuming.

Do you jump off a cliff?

No. In paragliding, you slowly lift off the ground by accelerating with spacey steps. The term tandem jump has become common over time.

How safe is paragliding?

Accident statistics show that paragliding is safer than riding a bicycle in traffic. Due to the further development of paragliders in recent years and the constantly accurate weather forecast (wind weather stations on the mountain), paragliding has become very safe. Of course there is a certain residual risk. Safety for our customers is our top priority! We guarantee maximum safety for our customers through sound education, constant training, a lot of experience and a sense of responsibility. Your pilot takes part in annual safety trainings to master any flight situation. An emergency parachute is of course also part of our standard equipment.

Paragliding despite fear of heights?

No need to worry. We hear again and again from passengers that although they normally have a fear of heights, they do not have this feeling when paragliding. Most of them are just not afraid of heights and have mega feelings of happiness when paragliding and are positively surprised by themselves. The reason for this is that paragliding involves sitting comfortably in a harness. Due to the seated position, the passenger does not have to worry about balance and can enjoy the height in stability in a relaxed way. Standing on a ledge or climbing a high ladder has nothing in common with the feeling of paragliding. You may feel a little queasy before take-off, but as soon as you glide through the air, all worries are usually gone! Otherwise, you can fly quietly and slowly to the landing site at any time if you wish. Ropewalking, however, should not be a problem 😊.

What do I need to take with me to my flight?

The checklist, for our tandem paragliding passengers:

  • Sturdy footwear, such as hiking or sports shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • short or long trousers depending on the season
  • windproof jacket we also recommend in summer for thermal/summit flights
  • Please note that temperatures in the air are several degrees colder than on the ground, also due to the air stream.
  • possibly gloves
  • HELMET: each pilot has to bring for his guest
  • Shoes, jacket and gloves can also be provided by us.
  • And the most important thing is: good mood 😊😊

What does a paragliding flight cost?

Our paragliding flights are available from as little as € 90, this depends on the flight route and flight time. You can find the prices for the respective flight under Prices & Flight Areas. Please note that our paragliding flights do not include the mountain ride or the film/photos/sd package.

How high and fast do you fly?

A paraglider flies at a forward speed of around 35-40 km/h. Due to the thermals we can reach heights of up to 2,500-3,000 m on suitable days. Book the thermal summit flight for this.

What is thermalling?

Thermals are nothing but hot air. Rays of sunlight hitting the ground/mountain sides cause the air masses above to heat up and rise. This allows pilots in the thermal to climb in circles and gain altitude.

I want to fly with someone at the same time or we are a family/group, is that possible?

As we are several pilots, this is normally not a problem (per paraglider: 1 pilot and 1 passenger). However, we are always dependent on wind and weather, so there may be variations. The take-off wind (take-off aid) plays an important role, this can lead to delays of one or more pilots. We therefore ask for your understanding if not everyone can take off or land at the same time 😊.

For larger groups of 18-20 people, we divide the group into two rounds, this will make the time a little longer, but can be shortened over a beer 😊😊😊.

How old can/must I be to take part in a tandem flight?

In principle, there is no minimum age. The youngest passenger so far was 3.5 years old. The oldest passenger was 99 years old. So there is almost no age limit. IMPORTANT: Children and senior citizens should please state their age when making an appointment.

How heavy may/must I be or how tall do I have to be to take part in a tandem flight?

The weight range for our passengers is between 18 kg and 130 kg. IMPORTANT: If you are in the lower (child) or upper weight range, please indicate this when making your appointment. Height does not matter.

Do I have to be athletic for a paragliding tandem flight?

It is actually sufficient if you can walk a few quick steps. The only important thing is that you are healthy and do not suffer from any cardiovascular diseases. Please inform us of any pregnancy, dizzy spells or other complaints when making your appointment. However, if your physical fitness is no longer sufficient to walk independently at the start, we offer an “assisted start”. In this case, you will be carried by two additional pilots during take-off until take-off (please always notify us of any take-off assistance required when making your appointment).

What does a landing with a paraglider look like or what do I have to consider?

We can land by walking 2 to 3 metres, basically we land with the tandem paraglider sitting down. That means you only have to stretch out your legs and lift them slightly, then we land sitting on the protector. The pilot decides this shortly before landing depending on the situation and gives the passenger precise instructions.

When is the best time to fly?

In the morning, the air is really clear and calm! You will hardly feel any wobble during the flight. As the day progresses, the thermals generally increase. This is the optimum time for longer flight routes and thermal flights/summit flights. In the late afternoon (around 5 p.m.) the thermals calm down again.

Am I insured as a passenger?

All pilots have all legally required insurances for their passengers. Only certified and state-approved tandem pilots fly with whom you conclude a contract of carriage. Of course, only the best and most modern equipment is used.

Do I need any previous knowledge for this?

No previous experience is required for tandem flying. A team of experienced pilots will give precise instructions and ensure that the tandem flight runs smoothly and safely, removing any last doubts you may have 😊😊.

What does a take-off on a tandem paragliding flight look like and what do I have to bear in mind?

The passenger is connected to the pilot with a special device. Short briefing from the pilot and take-off on 1,2,3 or 3,2,1. IMPORTANT: During the take-off, walk along until we have lifted off together and do not sit too early, but continue walking until your feet move away from the ground on their own. You will see that the take-off is also quite easy. Once in the air, the passenger can relax and enjoy the view throughout the tandem flight.

How do I get the pictures/video or are pictures/video taken of me at all?

Every pilot automatically takes photos and video in HD of the passenger before, during and after the flight. We show these to you after the flight and they are handed over on an SD memory card or USB stick on request.

Can you also fly in winter?

Yes, you can also paraglide in winter.

Can spectators also come along?

Yes, spectators are very welcome. We recommend watching the landing so you save the ticket for the cable car up and down.