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Tandem Paragliding

Man’s dream of flying is as old as humanity itself. No other airborne sport connects as immediately and spontaneously with our dream as paragliding. Come fly with us above the roofs, forests and sprawling mountain pastures.

Nowadays, anyone can do it, even without any sporting skills or experience. All you need is a pair of hardwearing shoes and suitable clothing for the season. Taking off involves about 10 – 15 m steps and just 2 or 3 m to land. If you prefer a more comfortable option: lift up your legs and land gently in a sitting position. Your pilot will take care of everything else. And when it’s all over, you’ll still have a souvenir of your flight as an unforgettable memento to look back on.

If, by any chance, we’ve given you inspiration, please don’t hesitate to call or request online a flight date. We’ll be glad to oblige!

Passenger Weight

Passengers can weigh anywhere between 20 kg (kids) and 130 kg.

Important: When booking your tandem flight, please indicate whether you are in the lower or the upper weight range.


From 5 years to old age.

Important: children and elderly passengers must declare their age when booking their flight.

State of Health

When booking your flight, it’s necessary to report any circulatory problems such as blood pressure, dizziness (including vertigo), and any other health disorders. This is for your own safety!


This involves stepping down a 10 – 15 m downhill track before lifting off over the edge.

Important: when booking, please inform the pilot about any previous leg injuries and operations, fractures, including problems with tendons or anything else. This is for your own safety!


It takes 2 to 3 meters to land running, or in a more comfortable way. Just lift up your feet and float down gently in a sitting position.


All you need is sturdy footwear, such as hiking boots or tough sports shoes, shorts/long trousers and jacket, depending on the season.


Since we are largely dependent on prevailing weather conditions (such as wind shear and air currents when taking off), safety is always our main priority. Consequently, we may experience delays or possible rescheduling of flights. In such cases, we beg your understanding.

Ifinger Tandemclub is an amateur sports club that practices and promotes paragliding. Our role is limited to putting you in touch with qualified and verified paragliding pilots, with whom you’ll sign a contract of carriage. There is no formal (legal) relationship between the passenger/client and our club. We guarantee that only qualified, state-licensed tandem pilots fly in association with the Ifinger Tandemclub. Each of our pilots is in possession of the necessary certifications of experience and insurance – in compliance with legal requirements. Ifinger Tandemclub pilots are vetted by us before being accepted as part of our team.

In case of any questions or about your dates, please contact us.