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The Ifinger Tandemclub Team

Experienced, committed & passionate about flying

We’ve been flying over Hirzer, Merano 2000, Vigiljoch and the summits of the Texelgruppe in the Vinschgau Valley since 1995! Our experienced team comprises both professional cross-country and acrobatic paragliding pilots. Competence and reliability are our hallmarks. We are professional tandem pilots with many years of flying experience between us; passionate and dedicated to what we do. We’re ready to offer you special, unforgettable moments cruising above the mountains and valleys of South Tyrol; a taste of freedom that only eagles enjoy!

“Tandemclub Ifinger” is an amateur sports club dedicated to practicing and promoting paragliding. We put you in touch with the pilots with whom you’ll conclude a contract of carriage. Please note that there is no formal, legal relationship between you, (the passenger), and our club. Only certified, state-licensed tandem pilots, in possession of a certificate of experience and insurance in accordance with the law can fly for the Ifinger Tandemclub. Pilots and flight instructors are vetted by us before they can be accepted into the team.

Tandem paragliding is a sophisticated sport and there’s nothing magical about it. We’ve been paragliding professionally for many years and you can count on our high level of competence and reliability. Our pilots are well-trained with hundreds of hours of flying time behind them. Your tandem flight with us will be an unforgettable experience! Information about our team can be found below.


Paragliding since 1990, founder of the “Ifinger Tandemclub ”

Tandemclub team leader and founder, Hans, was previously a parachutist in the army and also competed internationally. Hans is a state-certified tandem pilot with over 25 years of flying experience behind him.
Interests: skin-diving, mountaineering, swimming, fitness, flying
Professional data: Hansjörg > freelance paragliding pilot, VAT number 02796000210

In wintertime, Hans enjoys paragliding in Lanzarote.


Our organizer since 2016

Martina is a trained childcare worker and has been the organizer of Tandemclub Ifinger since 2016.

She is always full of energy and passion for her work. She always welcomes guests in a good mood and is available for almost any fun. She is an animal lover and loves nature. For guests who are of age, she also likes to give a drink after the flight. She also likes to fly with us, unfortunately she hasn't had the time to make the flight ticket yet ... but who knows 😉


Paragliding since 2009

Stefan is a state-certified paragliding tandem pilot with many years of flying experience (who always happens to be in a good mood!)
Hobbies: flying, skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering
Professional data: Stefan > Freelance Paragliding Pilot, VAT number: 02836500211


Paragliding since 2015

The pilot Birgitt is the youngest tandem pilot in Italy. She has been flying single gliders for several years and passed the state examination for tandem pilots in 2017 with flying colours.

Hobbies: hiking, fitness, flying


Paragliding since 2010

At the age of 16 he started his first flight attempts with a paraglider. Over all these years he has never lost his great passion for flying and is now an experienced acro-flyer and state-certified tandem pilot.
Due to countless safety trainings and the extreme experience he has gained during his acrobatic flight manoeuvres, nothing can bring him down so quickly when flying.
His calmness and professionalism make every flight an unforgettable and great experience.


Paragliding since 1987, flight instructor

- Flies since 1987 Paraglider DHV Pilot No. 0039
- Since 1991 German paraglider - Flight instructor and tandem pilot (DHV)
- Since 2007 Italian paragliding instructor and tandem pilot (AeCI)
- 1990-1993 Paragliding test pilot with ITV Annecy-France
- DHV performance trainer
- DHV safety trainer
- Tandem Pilot Instructor
- About 9,000 flights so far, including more than 5,000 tandem flights
- Owner of the paragliding flight school Bassano

languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish, French


Shuttle bus driver

Paul is our man on the landing meadow, who always greets guests with a smile and is always happy to take a snapshot after landing 🙂 . He folds our gliders and brings the pilots and guests safely to the information desk.


Paragliding since 2010

The pilot Manz has been in our team since 2017 and has been flying paragliders since he was a teenager. His open and friendly character is very well received by our guests and takes away any last doubts before take-off.

Hobbies: Acro flying, hyke and fly, skiing, snowboarding and swimming.


Paragliding since 1985

Pilot Monte has been flying as a tandem pilot since 1985 and since 2001 he has been working in the flying school Airpark Bassano. In winter he flies together with our pilot Hans on Lanzarote.

Hobbies: skiing, hiking, mountain biking and swimming.


Paragliding since 1996

To share this beautiful sport with other people makes me really happy and gives me a lot of energy. My work is my hobby!
I like to travel around the world - in summer I like to go hiking and in winter I like to go skiing. As a father of two wonderful children I like to spend time with my family in my free time.

- National and international paragliding license
- Tandem Paragliding License
- Skydiving license (with participation in national competitions)


Information stand Meran 2000

Ute works in our information desk Merano 2000. She organises the flights and provides our passengers with all important information.


Paragliding since 1989

Alfred is a certified tandem pilot and has been flying since 1989. In 2020 he won the Tandem World XC contest. Besides flying, he is passionate about alpinism and skiing.


Paragliding since 2010

The pilot Manuel is a state-certified tandem pilot and has been flying since 2010. He is fun and happy to be part of our team and loves to make our passengers laugh.

Hobbies: Alpinism and skiing


Paragliding since 2010

The pilot Gernot is a state-certified tandem pilot and has been flying since 2010. Hobbies: Alpinism and skiing.


Paragliding since 2015

The pilot Gilli is a state-certified tandem pilot and has been flying since 2015. Hobbies: Alpinism and skiing.


Pilot since 2015


Pilot since 2018


Pilot since 2005, flight instructor


Pilot since 2012

In case of any questions or about your dates, please contact us.